Why is King Lear tragedy ?

Why is King Lear tragedy?

Lord Lear, one of William Shakespeare’s most noteworthy tragedies, portrays a society in horrid circumstances. As with all tragedies, there exists a awful saint [1] , one who has a deadly imperfection that starts the catastrophe and all the sufferings that take after. In this play, the appalling legend is without a doubt the title character, Lord Lear.

The plot is driven by the control and result of misfortunes, more particularly, the misfortunes of Lear. Within the course the play, Ruler Lear, since of his imperfections, loses his specialist as a lord, his personality as a father, and his rational soundness as a man. One misfortune builds on another, but besides, his most noteworthy misfortune, and what recognizes this catastrophe from all others, is his chance of redemption.

Unlike other tragedies, there’s no salvation for the tragic hero or any sign of positive thinking within the conclusion. This distressing depiction of Lord Lear, through his misfortunes, makes him the extreme appalling saint, and the play an extreme catastrophe.

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