Why does Oedipus call Teiresias and accuse him of complicity in the murder of King Laius, and plotting to overthrow him?

Ans. When Oedipus hears the Delphic oracle through Creon that the murderer is still living, in the city of Thebes and the present plague is due to the murder not being avenged, he makes. a proclamation demanding that the murderer surrender himself, and that anyone with information concerning the crime immediately disclose it. He also states his determination to track down and punish the killer. He takes a vow that he will fight for Laius as he would for his own father. He warns that all who aid or shelter the culprit will be punished. Oedipus has already sent for Teiresias, the’ famous blind soothsayer, to know the truth about the murder of Laius.
When Teiresias arrives, Oedipus praises his knowledge of all things, and asks him to help rid the city of the plague by revealing the name of the murderer. Teiresias knows everything. He knows that Oedipus himself is the murderer. But he hesitates to tell this truth to his face. So he says that he knows nothing. Exasperated at this answer, Oedipus warns Teiresias that it is dangerous for him to remain silent about it. He wonders whether the soothsayer is afraid because he had a hand in crime. The old, blind man still refuses to speak. Oedipus then angrily accuses him of complicity in the murder of Laius Teiresias is now forced to speak the truth that Oedipus himself is the murderer. Oedipus becomes furious, but Teiresias persists in charging him with crime. He seems to suddenly understand the soothsayer’s motive and accuses him of secretly plotting, in alliance with Creon, to overthrow him.

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