What is the Romeo and Juliet story ?

What is the Romeo and Juliet story ?

The respectable families of the Montagues and the Capulets live within the city of Verona. Both families are foes, and indeed their workers get into battles with each other. Sovereign Escalus, the ruler of the city, tells the families to halt battling or they will be punished. Montague has as it were one child, an adolescent boy called Romeo. Capulet too has as it were one child, an excellent 14-year-old girl called Juliet. One evening, Romeo sneaks into a party at the Capulet’s house.


He meets Juliet and they drop in cherish with each other. Afterward, Romeo catches Juliet standing on her overhang conceding her cherish for him. He uncovers himself and they concur to be hitched. Minister Laurence concurs to wed them in mystery the following day. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt stands up to Romeo, irate that he sneaked into the party. Romeo’s companion Mercutio steps in and battles Tybalt. Tybalt murders Mercutio, so Romeo takes exact retribution and murders Tybalt. The Sovereign orders Romeo to take off the city, and cautions he will be executed in the event that he returns.

Romeo furtively spends the night with Juliet sometime recently taking off the following morning. Juliet is cleared out disturbed after Romeo takes off. To cheer her up, her guardians orchestrate for her to rapidly wed Paris, a cousin of the Ruler. This as it were makes it more regrettable. Juliet denies it, so her father debilitates to kick her out in case she doesn’t wed Paris. Minister Laurence recommends a medicate that can put her to rest for a couple of hours so that she can imagine being dead so that she can sneak out with Romeo.


The Monk sends a message to Romeo to tell him almost the arrangement. Juliet takes the sedate and her family, thinking her to be dead, lay her within the family tomb. However, sometime recently the delivery person can reach Romeo, he learns of Juliet’s “passing” from somebody else and accepts she is truly dead. Romeo goes to the tomb and is found by Paris, who has moreover come to grieve her. The battle and Romeo slaughters Paris. Still accepting Juliet to be dead, Romeo harms himself. Juliet wakes up, but when she sees that Romeo is dead, she cuts herself.

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