What is King Lear’s tragic flaw?

What is King Lear’s tragic flaw?


In arrange for a character to be qualified as an appalling legend, he must have a tall status in society and have a hamartia, or an appalling blemish, which, starts the catastrophe. Lear’s hamartia, his adamant pride, and outrage supersedes his judgment and avoids him from seeing the genuine faces of those around him.

A few might contend that Lear’s lethal imperfection is pretension. In fact, pretension is very predominant all through the content. In the starting when Lear is isolating his kingdom between the girls he chooses bootlicking (rather than capability or at the exceptionally slightest, ethicalness) as his basis for choice.

Conceit is clear in Lear’s expulsion of his most steadfast subjects and family individuals (Kent and Cordelia) at the addressing of his specialist and judgment. Afterward on we see proof of it in Lear’s allotting to Edgar his issues. Lear sees that “Poor Tom” is in a state of madness since he has selfish girls, but this can be not so. Still, Lear is right in a few regard since both of their issues stem from “thankless” children.

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