What does the quarrel between Oedipus and Creon reveal regarding the mystery they are engulfed in?

Ans. After Teiresias departs, Creon comes in and falls into argument with Oedipus. When he sees Creon, Oedipus becomes indignant and tells him how he dares to come before him when he has plotted with Teiresias against his life, and tried to snatch away his crown. He has come to know of Creon’S conspiracy, and Creon must have had support of someone in the city. Creon denies this charge against himself, and tries to defend himself. Oedipus says that he sent for Teiresias at Creon’s advice. Teiresias has now accused him (Oedipus) of the murder of Laius. This proves that Creon acted in close conspiracy with Teiresias. Teiresias, he says, was instigated by Creon to bring a fantastic charge against him. Oedipus calls Creon a traitor. Creon speaks in defence of himself. He says that he never felt a desire to become the king of Thebes. Kingship only Creates fears in the mind of a man and gives him sleepless nights. Being very close to Oedipus, he has exerted great influence on the people. His position is secure, and he will not like to become the king and accept a life of great responsibility and a constant anxiety. If he had been a traitor he would not have truthfully reported the information he got from the Delphic oracle. It is highly unjust for Oedipus to discard a loyal supporter like Creon. Creon’s statement is supported by the chorus, but still Oedipus does not show any tendency to pay any heed to the chorus either. Oedipus says, in response to chorus’ suggestion that he should not be hasty in judgement, that he is not hasty, but he must be prompt in resisting an attack from the enemy. Creon asks Oedipus if he wants to banish him. Oedipus replies that he wants to sentence him to death, a traitor as he is.

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