How does the chorus lament after the mystery of Oedipus’ birth is unravelled?

Ans. From the statement of the Theban shepherd the mystery Of Oedipus’ birth is unravelled. It is a horrendous revelation: Oedipus killed his father Laius, and married his mother Jocasta and fathered several children by her. After this discovery the chorus laments over his fate. All the generations of human beings add up to nothing. There is no human being whose happiness was anything more than illusion followed by disillusion. Oedipus is an instance, a reason why the chorus says that no mortal creature is happy. With great sureness of aim he followed his objective. He grasped every prize with the help of Zeus. Once he destroyed the monster Sphinx. He was the bastion against disaster for the Thebans; he was their honoured king. All Thebes was proud of the majesty of his name. And now, there is no story which is more heart-rending than the story of his affliction. There is no more awful swerve into the arms of torment, when the same bosom enfolds the san and the father. The engendering body, could not shout aloud its indignation while uniting. Time sees all. Time has found it out when it was least expected. Time has found the event, and judged the “marriagem ockery, bridegroom-son”. This is the elegy. The chorus wishes it had never found Oedipus, son of Laius. Yesterday was the morning of light, for the chorus, and today is its night of endless darkness.

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