How does Jocasta’s intervention in the quarrel between Oedipus and Creon absolve Creon from the blame of conspiracy and give Oedipus some light of the truth?

Ans. When Oedipus and Creon were quarrelling, Oedipus putting the blame of conspiracy on Creon and Creon defending himself, Jocasta comes out of the palace and intervenes. Jocasta appeals to Oedipus to believe Creon’s words, and to have respect for the allegiance that Creon has towards him. The chorus also joins Jocasta in defending Creon. Jocasta asks Oedipus to tell her the reason why he is so furious. Oedipus tells her that her brother Creon plotted against him. He used the crafty soothsayer, Teiresias, as a tool to accuse him of being the murderer of Laius. Jocasta then advises her husband Oedipus not to be afraid of any prophecies because all prophecies so far have not come true. She then proceeds to explain how.
She says an oracle prophesied that Laius would have a son by Jocasta. This son would kill his father. But events later on proved the falsehood of the prophecy. Soon after the child was born, Laius riveted the ankles of the child, gave it over to a ervant who was instructed to leave it on a mountain to die from exposure there; Later on, Laius was killed by a band of robbers at a place where three roads met. So the prophecy of the oracle did not come true, Laius’s son did not kill his father. Oedipus now startles; he remembers he killed an old man with some of his companions at a place where three roads met. He asks Jocasta to give a description of Laius. Her description tallies with the appearance of the old man. On further asking about the party of the king, Oedipus comes to know from Jocasta that there were five men in all. Oedipus now remembers the whole thing, Jocasta’s description fits his experience, and only one man escaped from.his attack. He is now almost sure that Laius was his father. He now asks about the man that escaped. Jocasta says he will send for the man.

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